leave your money to the people you love NOT Uncle Sam

posted by Josh Jalinski on Jul 24, 2010

That’s me with my gorgeous wife, Bethie.  I put this pic up to remind you to use vehicles in your retirement that will enable you to leave your money to the people you love and the causes you love — not to Uncle Sam.  One of the best ways to leave tax-free income to your wife is through life insurance.

Laraine John Shultz April 13, 2015

Hi,my daughter is being given 61,000.00 to pay off her college loan. To avoid taxes we are separating it 5 ways and gifting it by 5 people. The question is can she receive it in a lump sum and pay the loan off at once without separating it 5 ways. The own is a state or federal loan not from the college. Thank you awaiting your reply. I also am in need of an estate planner can we come to you for assistance.

Laraine Shultz April 24, 2015

How to handle my estate. Planing. I have 2children and 3 real estate properties. I need professional good advise. One property my son is running our business for us the others are rentals I’m 67years old and want to do the right thing. Can I meet with josh for his advise.

Brian Barg June 14, 2015

I have enjoyed the thought provoking meetings that I had with Matt Getz. I am speculating that he wants me to add bonds to my portfolio. I am considering two: a municipal bond & a corporate bond. As of now, I would transfer monies within my 403B; not my Roth IRA. I am tied up with every equity in my ROTH. I do not want to make any changes until VNR hits my price target, which may take FIVE TO SIX years. VNR IS paying my 0.117 every month. I am also concerned that if there is a transfer-in-kind, the Vanguard will hit me with redemption fees.
Brian Barg

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