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Josh has been named a finalist for Advisor of the Year!

posted by jalinski on Aug 3, 2010

I am truly honored to be named as one of only 5 finalists for the Senior Market Advisor of The Year by Senior Market Advisor magazine. “While there’s been talk that the financial advisory industry is aging, just like the rest of the country, there are more than a few young advisors joining the ranks and helping to keep the business dynamic and cutting edge. Josh Jalinski is one of the most motivated of that new wave of advisors…”
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I was looking forward to buying an electric car….

posted by jalinski on Aug 1, 2010

Then, I found out that it is unproven technology, expensive, and ugly. Couldn’t we have gotten a better return on our bailout of GM than this?

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Guess this celebrity!

posted by Josh Jalinski on Jul 17, 2010

Guess this celebrity! He was 42 when died on August 16, 1977 from a drug overdose in Memphis TN.  He wanted to leave most of his money to his daughter, but Uncle Sam took over 73% of his estate in taxes.  Who is this Celebrity?  Elvis Presley.  If you would like your loved ones to [...]

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